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42, Kengeri Outer Ring Road Jnanaganga Nagar, Mariyappana Palya, Mallathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560056

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About Us

We are Parishrama, a Pre-University college that brings knowledge to you in the most understandable and accessible way possible. With the immense success of our NEET academy, we realized our potential is not just in coaching, but in building a stronger foundation, that helps students tap their hidden potential at an early stage. With hard work and grit to impart world-class knowledge, Mr. Pradeep Eshwar started Parishrama NEET Academy with a mere 16 students. And now, its legacy has taken it to soaring heights with thousands of students qualifying NEET and working on the path of becoming the future caregivers of our nation.

Parishrama offers methodical training and a healthy competitive atmosphere to its students through excellent curriculum, guidance, and infrastructure. Our faculty, both teaching and support staff, provide the students with a high-quality education and support to help them achieve leading-edge preparations and outstanding results. We harness the students’ inner strengths by giving them the best and showing them their abilities, leading them to the path of success. Besides delivering knowledge we also have constant counselling sessions and speaker sessions to encourage students and keep them motivated in these testing times.

At Parishrama, we aspire to provide an encouraging learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. We offer comprehensive education to young aspirants in various fields that help them prepare for their future. We boast of modern facilities, an excellent learning environment, unmatchable faculty, and a great curriculum that will take young adults through the path of greatness.


Pradeep Eshwar, the founder, and MD of Parishrama is a leading Biology lecturer himself and an outstanding motivational speaker. Having travelled the length and breadth of our country, he has a thorough understanding of our culture, its importance, and the temperament of our society. This made him realize that he has a dream, to harness the potential of students by giving them a channel. That one thought went on to become his legacy, in the form of Parishrama. True to its name, he put in all the effort, the Parishrama himself, to build this state-of-the-art centre for students.

He has guided thousands of students and has helped many in their pursuit of accessing MBBS seats. As of now, many of his students study in some of the top medical colleges in India. Having a total understanding of the efforts required to crack a competitive exam like NEET, Mr. Pradeep Eshwar took it upon himself to set a curriculum in place that was thoroughly based on in-depth research and current academic trends.

Over these years, the methods, programs, and curriculum he developed have made every student believe in their dream of becoming a doctor. Parishrama has intent, and it is the best at it, which can be seen translate to results each year with more and more students cracking the NEET results.

Pradeep Eshwar’s vision of having more students achieve their goals has led to various students having a single-minded target, fewer distractions, and an unwavering focus on their aim.

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